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Meet Drench Dressing: Clean and Natural by Meijer Woodward Corner Market


Take a moment to think about the last time you ate a salad. Or a time when you were craving something, but also didn’t want it to weigh you down. As you scour over the salad menu of your favorite restaurant or your refrigerator for the perfect mixture of ingredients, it would be no exaggeration to say you put a lot of effort into what’s in the salad. But what about what goes on it? GOOD FOR THE BODY There’s nothing worse than looking at a nutrition fact label and not understanding a single ingredient. Our body is our temple and at the bare minimum we should know what we are putting into it. That’s one of the reasons Karen, the founder of Drench Dressing, decided to find better alternatives. Her story began the moment she decided to read the ingredients on the store-bought dressing she had purchased. She quickly realized she could not pronounce any of the ingredients, but was also shocked to find titanium dioxide listed—something she discovered was a whitening agent for industrial paint. So, in an effort to know what she’s putting into her body she started making her own dressings—created using natural, clean ingredients, you can find at home. Unfortunately, during her journey to better health she was presented with a health scare in the form of breast cancer. One that further drove her to focus on healthy living. And after an 18 month long journey she beat cancer. Allowing her to focus on her dressings that are now selling in over 200 stores and restaurants in the Midwest. A FLAVORFUL PAIRING Dressing is the perfect companion for salad, but not all dressing is created equal. Beyond ingredients that sound more like science projects, many dressings are just plain counterintuitive. If you’re eating a salad there’s a good chance you are doing so because it’s not only healthy, but tasty. But if you take that salad and drench it with creamy ranch dressing, what’s the point of eating a salad at all? Drench Kale Quinoa Salad Drench Pomegranate Salad That’s why Drench Dressing is the perfect pairing for not only salads, but Woodward Corner Market produce as well. It’s a light-weight option, with no refined sugars that comes in four flavors you can count on: Vegan Caesar, Citrus Honey, Mediterranean Lemon, and Balsamic Fig. Each product is free of the most common allergens and are created using the finest oils, including olive and avocado. They are also made without any artificial thickeners, preservatives, or colors. And are made using a bit of honey and fruit such as oranges and figs (that’s where the sweetness comes from!). Just give them a quick shake and they’re ready to go! But they also go on more than just salad. The Vegan Caesar tastes amazing on burgers, pasta and chicken caesar wraps, while the Citrus Honey and Mediterranean Lemon make delicious dipping sauces and marinade for chicken, salmon, pork chops & lamb chops. So no matter what you’re craving, there just may be a dressing to take your food to the next level. PICK UP A BOTTLE AT WOODWARD CORNER MARKET Want to try it for yourself? Next time you’re at the market head over to the corner of aisle 7 and #GrabABottleofDrench. We promise your tastebuds will thank you!

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